Hand Engraving

This is a very unique trade and there is only a few Master Hand Engravers left that have the skill to engrave in this way. Our Master Hand Engraver, Stuart Duncan, works in house with us. We don’t farm out your engraving to a 3rd party, in fact we often do work for other engravers so why spend more and get a longer turnaround, just give us a call.

Stuart has done work on some of the most important trophies in the sports world and has a reputation second to none.

Many traditional trophies old and new, or pieces of jewellery are still hand engraved to this day.

Some items that the machines can’t handle we will hand engraved to a very high standard and indeed sometimes you have to use a magnifying glass to see the workmanship that has been used.

Many annual trophies still get hand engraved as years ago this was the only method and to go onto more modern methods of engraving them would spoil the look of the trophy.

Watches, rings, bracelets, trophies, hip flasks, bangles etc are just some of the items that would benefit from being hand engraved.