Industrial Engraving

Industrial engraving is for more heavy duty engraving to that of which you would get from a local trophy engraving shop.

It is more for safety labels, stainless steel plaques, brass plaques, Mimic panels etc.
Industrial engraving is designed for areas of use that lettering or numbers can’t get rubbed off by mistake ie industrial machinery where it is important to health and safety that the right buttons or settings are used and not guessing due to the fact the labels are worn out.
Also larger plaques can be produced like memorial plaques and opening plaques for buildings where we use larger and more complex engraving machines.

Metal plaques are often used as when there is a fire the labels can still be read even after a fire has occurred which lets the rescue services know what is in the containers or machines, where if it was standard stickers there would be nothing there.

A place where you would recognise industrial engraving is in your house where your kitchen sockets with dish washer, cooker, washing machine etc have to be engraved now to allow the text never to be removed by the constant touching of the switches.